About Us
The next generation of Indian startups will be global game changers
Kstart is a unique seed program designed for the next generation of Indian entrepreneurs

India’s entrepreneurial revolution is well on its way. Dynamic founders are innovating to disrupt incumbent technologies and business models. These next generation startups are reshaping India and fostering a unique and progressive ecosystem of entrepreneurship. Our singular focus is to enable these visionary founders to build game-changing businesses.

Kstart provides an integrated platform for startup success

At Kstart, we seek to establish long term relationships with founders and contribute positively from the very first day of our journey together. To maximize impact and reduce time to market we provide an integrated platform with all essential components for success. These include:

Kstart is an initiative by Kalaari Capital

Our investment philosophy

At Kstart, our investment philosophy rests on four pillars – quality of the founding team, disruptive potential of the idea, market opportunity and validation – in that order of priority.  We believe that entrepreneurs who have demonstrated rigor in terms of their resilience and perseverance have a significantly higher chance of accelerating the success of their ideas.

We believe that a great idea is one with potential to significantly disrupt markets, business models and existing paradigms and behaviours. The seamless alignment of a disruptive idea with a large market opportunity leads to the creation of once-in-a-generation venture opportunities, and identifying these early is at the very heart of Kstart.

Our values

Be founder-first: Being founder-first is the core of everything we do at Kstart. We invest in the dreams of passionate, driven and creative individuals committed to making impact and changing the world.  As a partner we focus on providing founders with the very best support, while prioritizing their interests.

Enable network effects: Startups and founders need to tap into and form supportive networks. Even the very best founders can find this difficult at the beginning.  Kstart seeks to provide a community of catalysts, technology partners, and peers that drive massive network effects. It’s a community that founders can count on for guidance on building blocks, market access, product-market fit, technology platforms, talent acquisition and culture, among many other areas

Fund disruptive impact: Kstart seeks next generation startups with a vision for disruptive impact. Our mission is to fund big, bold, and innovative ideas led by driven founders who transform industries and make a positive impact on millions of lives.

Uphold fair standards: We are committed to the highest standards of integrity and fairness in our interactions with founders, partners, companies and the entire startup ecosystem

If you share our belief and if you are a founder with an exciting idea, we are just a click away