FinTech platform that enables healthcare affordability
Tejbir Singh

“Our vision with Affordplan is to enable healthcare affordability for millions of Indians” – Tejbir Singh, CEO


The Idea

Affordplan is an alternative finance platform that enables healthcare affordability through planned savings. Hospitals and patients can co-design flexi payment plans so that patients can obtain medical treatment and products through a manageable payment structure developed based on individual need and cash flow. Affordplan primarily targets patients with non-critical healthcare conditions as they make up 70% of spending on health care services.

From the Founders

What is your Leadership Philosophy

I believe in leading by example and empowering the team to take decisions to achieve the desired objectives. As a leader, it is important to foster a culture of mutual trust as start ups are high growth environments and growth is a problem solving function that requires delegation and quick/responsible decision making.

What made you take the entrepreneurial plunge?

Healthcare spends impact all of us in some way, albeit differently, since most of these spends are unplanned and out-of-pocket. We still rely on the limited traditional financial instruments to plan for medical care. There has not been much technology or financial innovation to make quality healthcare more affordable and accessible. The challenge to solve the problem of this magnitude, complexity and impact made me take the plunge.

What is unique about your team culture?

A sharp focus on data analytics and execution is evident in our team. The team is self aware that we are in early stage of the business and hence, we are agile to continuously explore and learn. We collaborate and engage on a continuous basis so that we are able to build an inclusive and high performing team in this early start up phase.

What brought you to Kstart?

Our conversations with Bala and Vani have really stood out as honest and thought provoking amongst the many discussions that we had. We felt a sense of contentment, value addition, learning and alignment with the Kstart team after each conversation. We believe that our fresh proposition, huge addressable market and good execution team fit well into the Kstart program and we can benefit immensely from the mentorship of the Kstart team and catalysts.

Tejbir Singh


“Our vision with Affordplan is to enable healthcare affordability for millions of Indians” – Tejbir Singh, CEO

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Tejbir Singh, CEO
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