Technology Redesigning Healthcare

BillionFit: Technology Redesigning Healthcare

White-paper on India’s Healthtech Future

India has only 1.1 beds and 0.7 doctors per 1000 population. Indian healthcare sector is clearly challenged to cater to the needs of its citizens. Challenges are opportunities for entrepreneurs, especially if they can leverage technology to tame traditional constraints.

As India embarks on its next phase of growth, digital startups could help revolutionize the healthcare sector. By leveraging technology and focusing on preventive healthcare we can reach the aspiration of #BillionFit more effectively.

Can digital health sector produce India’s next Unicorn? How are traditional healthcare providers preparing themselves for this digital future? What are Indians’ wellness needs and how are they evolving?

On July 5, 2017 we hosted ‘BillionFit: Technology Redesigning Healthcare’ with Curefit, a leading fitness, and wellness solutions provider, to answer these pertinent questions. Our desire is to provide thought leadership for the startup ecosystem and generate deep insights about technology’s role in creating new opportunities in health and wellness.

As Venture Capitalists we are very excited about the sheer scale of innovation that is occurring in this space. It gives us hope that digital startups could help revolutionize our healthcare sector. With our partners at Grant Thornton India LLP we produced a white-paper on India’s healthtech opportunity. We encourage you to download and read this report and share your views with us at team@kstartcapital.com. Kalaari and Kstart Capital are actively looking to fund disruptive ideas and support entrepreneurs in this critical sector. Together we can transform India’s healthcare.

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