Google Launchpad Accelerator

The Launchpad Accelerator is part of the Google Launchpad program, aimed at ensuring the development of successful apps by startups. Each batch of the accelerator goes through a 6 month mentorship program which starts in Mountain View, California and continues in the startups’ relative markets and selected other international locations.

The program provides the following value for startups:
● Unique access to Googlers as mentors, early access programs.
● Leverage our Global network of Launchpad partners, mentors, Investors and Experts.
● Connect locally through our regional leads. Access to local business partners, local PR, and Regional VC Fund connections
● Connected to Google Products Google platform (e.g. Google Play), Google credits.
● Visibility by being funded by a Google program

Leader Testimonial

” Google is excited to partner with the Kstart team and I can see a lot of synergy between what each one of us are bringing to the table . Google will  bring its global expertise of working with startups and mentor them across areas such as Product management, best practices in UI and UX , bring the startups upto speed in terms of latest in technology and help in growth hacking . 

Kstart team will play a big role in hosting the incubating companies by providing world class infrastructure, access to funds , legal and marketing help which the early stage startups can benefit immensely. 

Indian startup ecosystem is exploding and we will continue to partner and accelerate the growth in India with meaningful synergetic partnerships  like the one with the Kstart team “

Sunil Rao, Country Head – Strategic Partnerships – VCs and Startups, Google India Pvt Ltd

What is Google's commitment to the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Google has been investing heavily in the Indian startup ecosystem aver the last 3 years and has brought highly successful global programs to India like the Launchpad program for early stage startups , Launchpad accelerator program for mature startups and we will continue to invest by bringing programs which will even handhold Series A and B funded mature startups and have a deep engagement for a period of 12 months and help them grow and provide access to mentorships from Googlers globally. Google is all geared up to help the startup ecosystem in India and we do understand their needs and expectations from Google we will provide them the right insights and grow along with them .

Google’s advice to entrepreneurs

Journey of entrepreneurship should be passion lead to solve a real problem and effect the lives of hundreds and millions of people .Do spend sufficient time in getting the product/market fit right and look at technology as an enabler . You are building product for a consumer who will eventually use your product , so be flexible in pivoting your idea based on the market needs . Do think and be equally serious about monetization and revenue opportunities when you are building your product. it is not an afterthought.

Google Launchpad Accelerator Portfolio