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Partnership Highlights

IBM will be providing mentorship to Kstart incubated companies around technology, product and marketing. This program is named ‘A.C.E.’ and will include the following:

  • Awareness: Showcasing IBM Technologies and Industry best practices on a host of topics like Cognitive business, Design Thinking, Product Development, App Build, Digital marketing, Employee Engagement etc.
  • Cultivate: Deep dive into specific challenges faced by startups, including white boarding and coffee sessions focused on giving the right advice for companies to scale.
  • Engage: Organizing specific problem solving sessions at IBM offices with senior IBM mentors who will provide guidance to these startup organizations.

Kalaari and Kstart incubated companies will also be eligible to apply to IBM GEP program and on selection, they would be able to avail benefits like:

  • Cloud credits for up to $ 120,000
  • Access to cutting edge technology for Startups : for free
  • Access to IBM experts and resources at IBM Innovation Center for guidance
  • Access to IBM Servers and testing tools for Performance Benchmarking
  • Develop Joint Marketing Campaigns
  • Provide visibility to the IBM Sales Community – Joint go to market
  • Provide visibility to IBM enterprise customers : Marketing, business development synergies
  • Additional details here

What is IBM's commitment to the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem?

IBM has made significant investments across the world in supporting the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. IBM has seen many transformations through its 104 year history and has recently been through a new transformation, emerging as a Cognitive Solutions cloud platform. As digital business spawns innovation and builds the next great companies, IBM is fully committed to empowering and supporting the expanding tech-entrepreneurship ecosystem, locally and globally.

In India, IBM has played a significant role in Nasscomm’s ‘10000 Startups’, partnering with Nasscomm to launch, a resource site for the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem. IBM also organized a thriving Global Entrepreneur Program where 200 + Start up benefited from IBMs support through their start up journey. They also host the GEP Smartcamp which connects Startups to enterprise customers, VCs and other leading ecosystem players.

As companies in Kstart and Kalaari build and scale, there are going to be certain challenges in optimizing their product/go to market strategy or build scale strategy. IBM is looking forward to help these companies with a myriad of challenges in areas like Product design, Cognitive Computing, digital marketing Cloud, and Mobile etc.

IBM’s advice to entrepreneurs

As developers and entrepreneurs go on their start up journey, there are many key decisions to make, ranging from firming up their strategy on product, customer acquisition, supply chain , marketing, customer service and cash management to hiring a committed team to help drive outcomes through technical skills and business acumen.

Over the last four years, a sustainable ecosystem has developed around startups consisting of industry organizations, technology majors, venture capitalists etc. which help new organizations with mentorship support, help in go to market and also support in the form of capital or access to technology without cost.

It is important for entrepreneurs to leverage this ecosystem and focus on building a scalable and sustainable business focused on the customer, to leverage the power of cognitive computing to provide customized solutions to your clients, to leverage cloud for scale and utilize best in class analytics to identify and grow your customer segment.

IBM has a Global Entrepreneur Program and is excited to work with you to build the next great company.