CASB solution to secure digital assets in the cloud
Anand Prahlad

“ParaBlu will be the enterprises’ security solution provider of choice – outside the firewall.” – Anand Prahlad, CEO


The Idea

We’re a team that is fanatically focused on cloud security. We make it our business to ensure that enterprises feel secure taking their business to the Cloud. We serve as a catalyst in enterprise cloud migration strategies, by ensuring privacy, confidentiality, and security of digital assets, no matter where they reside.

Most security software today is focused on watching what’s coming in — technologies like firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, deep packet inspection, etc.  On the other hand, we’re focused on watching what’s going out.  Is everything that is leaving the enterprise, leaving securely, and in a form that nobody else but the enterprise can decipher?  That’s our job. In other words, our solutions will enable safe storing of business-critical digital information, outside the enterprise perimeter.

From the Founders

What is your Leadership Philosophy ?

First – hiring the best people we can, and letting them innovate unfettered.  Apart from that, both of us are also very hands on, and like to lead from the front – by example.  We have found this to be the most effective way to motivate teams.  As they say, the devil is always in the details and understanding details equips us to make better decisions.  We have always built teams with a ‘can-do’ culture.  We drive our teams hard, but we also know when to reward, appreciate and recognize.  Years of working large teams have taught us how to work with people, coach and motivate them.

What made you take the entrepreneurial plunge?

We both derive great satisfaction in creating things from scratch that solve real world problems.  And in building great teams.   We have both worked in early stage companies, where we built and led teams that created significant impact.  It was clear to us that the type of satisfaction and meaning one can derive by creating high impact solutions is possible only in start-ups.  So, after several years working in large corporations, we decided to apply our experience to something we felt could make a real difference to today’s enterprises.

What is unique about your team culture?

We are a team that’s fanatically driven by security.  The culture we have is to do whatever it takes to succeed.  We’re fighters who don’t give up.   We also have a very egalitarian culture that’s not burdened by layers of hierarchy.  No question is too stupid and no ideas are off limits.  It is this type of attitude that has helped us win our customers in the face of stiff competition from more established industry players.

What brought you to Kstart?

The team at Kalaari!  We met the Kstart team a few times before we applied to the program, and we were very impressed with the pedigree they brought, the investment philosophy they subscribed to, and most importantly – the help that we knew they could provide us.  The experience, the mentorship (their Catalysts), and the connections that Vani Kola and the team bring in the corporate world as well as in the investment community – are without parallel.  We could’ve raised money in different ways, but we’re certainly glad we made the decision to partner with Kstart.

Anand Prahlad


“ParaBlu will be the enterprises’ security solution provider of choice – outside the firewall.” – Anand Prahlad, CEO

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Anand Prahlad, CEO
Ananda Rao Ladi, CTO