Collaborate, inspire and create

When we conceived of Kstart, we wanted to go beyond providing free office space. We believe that the key ingredient for creativity is an environment that fosters it. Therefore, we have created a dynamic, participatory and beautiful space that has the power to both inspire and energize. We call this Respace.

The theme ‘Re’ is about being bold and daring to reimagine everything – exactly what we hope our founders will do.


In Respace’s creatively charged environment, Kstart companies have access to state-of-the art facilities spread over 15000 sq. feet, which include work areas, meditative pods and meeting spaces. A plug-and-play event space will always buzz with workshops, meetups and other opportunities to learn, share and network with thinkers and doers from all fields. Respace is available to our companies, free-of-charge. Much more than a beautiful, shared space, we believe it will be the foundation for the building of a vibrant community. We will also provide access to Respace for select events, that are meaningful for entrepreneurs.


We worked with a very talented art collective, comprising artists from around the world, to push the boundaries of a traditional corporate space.  The artists have created and curated art that is meaningful and interactive, transforming Respace into a dynamic, living story of reinvention and collaboration.  The art at Respace is different in three distinct ways:

  • Our artwork is authentic. Our curators have made it a point to bring in work that has something to say and a point of view. These works are not generic. They tell highly personal, meaningful stories from the artists’ lives and experiences.
  • Respace invites collaboration and participation. The LED wall, the geo­feedback installations, the chalkboard installations are all collaborations between the artists and the founders who will use the space every day and are reinvented as people interact with them.
  • We are rethinking the status quo from the outset. These artists are the next generation of global thinkers, doers, and shakers. Who better to set the stage for founders creating next-­gen companies?

Companies, not part of the Kstart portfolio, can apply to use Respace for an event, provided they fulfill the following criteria:

  • The event is focused on startups and entrepreneurs
  • The event does not charge an entry fee

We will not levy any fee for the space, but request you to make a contribution of your choice to Room to Read.

Write to us here to check event space availability.