Driving Change. One woman at a time.

“Where all the women are strong, all the entrepreneurs are women, and all the conversations are inclusive and meaningful.” 

When we held the #StartupGirls event for women entrepreneurs on April 19th , we could not have imagined the overwhelmingly positive response we have received from the startup ecosystem. #StartupGirls wants to change, for the better, the state of women’s entrepreneurship in India and we hope that our effort will provide the impetus that the ecosystem needs to bring about a change for women in entrepreneurship.

The objective of #StartupGirls initiative is to enable:

  • More women on boards.
  • More women is startup leadership
  • More women founders

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Unleashing Shakti

ReportcoverTo bring about change, it is important to first understand the ground reality. To do so, we rolled out a survey on the state of women’s entrepreneurship in India. We kept the framework exploratory rather than restrict responses to closed-ended questions or a defined list of choices. This report then, contains not only the findings of that survey, but also a larger commentary on startup ecosystem from the point of view of women entrepreneurs as well as recommendations for next steps. Yes, gender bias is alive and doing well, thank you, but there are signs that it is being chipped away at, one spunky woman at a time. Women entrepreneurs have spoken and have clearly demanded what they want. They have also demanded a change in the way they are perceived by the startup ecosystem – by fellow entrepreneurs and investors, especially when a venture has only women. We have come this far but the toughest part of the journey lies ahead in sustaining this effort. We look forward to your support and collaboration in changing the state of affairs.


As part of the #StartupGirls intiative, Kstart in collaboration with Facebook launched the #StartupGirlsChallenge to support women founded startups.

What did selected startups get?
– 5 Startups to get FbStart induction by Facebook (Credits up to $80K and mentorship from Facebook)
– One startup to get investment of $100K from Kstart

Deadline & Criteria: Applications for the challenge closed on May 15, 2016. Only startups with a female co-founder who have built a mobile app or plan to build a mobile app were eligible to participate.

You can read about the winner of the #StartupGirlsChallenge here

#StartupGirls Speak

Glimpses from the event