Abhishek Tiwari
Fellow at Kstart
Abhishek has 10 years of cross-functional experience in the creating & managing technology-enabled products in the education sector. Abhishek has been at the forefront of developing various innovative technology enabled products catering to the supplemental and school’s solutions market. Abhishek has been a serial entrepreneur who has founded companies in education, fashion & hospitality sector. Abhishek takes pride in being an active catalyst in the Indian start-up ecosystem engaging with early stage companies and helping them build products and teams to gain early traction. Having been an entrepreneur himself, Abhishek understands the everyday struggles of setting up a business from scratch and the wins and losses that come along in that journey. Abhishek is always excited about new ideas and problems to solve that can impact millions. Abhishek is an engineer in Biotechnology and alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad.

Why did you decide to take this fellowship up?

The opportunity to work along with talented entrepreneurs on disruptive ideas to create great companies is the single biggest motivation to apply to Kstart Fellowship program. I am at a point in career where I not looking for a job but am looking for the job. The search culminates at Venture Capital-a profession that is the intersection of technology, people and entrepreneurship. As a founder when you think of raising money, Kalaari Capital is one name that clearly stands out not only for of its investment bets but also for its constant innovation to steer up with Indian start-up ecosystem- Kstart is definitely one such initiative. To get an opportunity to work with innovative early stage venture fund such as kstart is not only is a great opportunity to learn but a privilege.

What are your areas of interest?

Nelson Mandela who once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Having worked in the education sector for a decade, I believe technology and education can redefine the future of this country and change the lives of our future generation for the better. Apart from Ed-Tech, I am excited about the consumer internet and mobile and I believe products build for millennials by the millennials will be the single biggest opportunity going forward.

What do you do when you’re not at Kstart?

I love sports if I am not at Kstart you could probably find me at a squash court, or playing badminton or playing a game of chess online. I love heading out on a Sunday morning with my cycle or for a run and in the evenings you can find at a salsa social –dancing to the tunes of Latin music.

What is the key ingredient to start-up success?

Perseverance – the road of entrepreneurship has many bumps and you have to keep going and never never give up!

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