Partha Chakraborty
Fellow at Kstart
Partha started his career in 2002 when he moved from India to China as a management trainee for a pharmaceutical company. His interest in the Chinese language and culture led him to be an English teacher for the local community. He moved to Shanghai in 2005 where he worked in various roles including financial analysis for Accenture, and market research for a boutique research firm. In 2007, his first stint with entrepreneurship came as China Country Head for a large sportswear company, where he setup operations from scratch and built a team of 15 people. Partha moved to Hong Kong in 2010 where he worked as a financial analyst for China CITIC Group. Partha returned to India in early 2016 to pursue an entrepreneurial career and was working on a few startup ideas before joining Kstart.

Why did you decide to take this fellowship up?

I am entrepreneurial by nature. However, even after working for 14 years in diverse roles, cultures and industries, I feel like a rookie when it comes to understanding entrepreneurship. Kstart is a huge opportunity for me to learn from great founders, build relationships with people in the startup ecosystem, and learn the necessary skills required for being on ‘both sides of the table’. At the same time, having spent a long time in China, I wish to share and apply my experience and help startups explore untapped opportunities. I wish to leverage my experience from Kstart and startup on my own.

What are your areas of interest?

I am passionate about learning new technologies, especially in areas of front-end web development, photography, online marketing, and e-commerce.  I am a huge fan of SEO and digital market research, my key area of interest being ‘keyword research’.

What do you do when you’re not at Kstart?

I am a video buff and love learning through videos. I am a hobbyist photographer where I blog about photography. I am specifically interested in black & white fine art photography.  I am an audiophile and love metal ballads. I love watching movies, and my favorite genre is ‘mystery’. I also love watching different lingual films.

What are the questions in the startup world that puzzle you most?

Why do you need a technical co-founder, have you tried WordPress? Why are you building an app when you don’t know how you will get users? Why do you need a team to get funded, if you have all the skills? Why does everyone talk about ‘valuation’ and not ‘value’? Why can’t we replace the word ‘startup’ with ‘scalable business’?

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