Sandeep Sharma
Fellow at Kstart
Sandeep brings diverse functional and industry experience to Kstart. He has consulted for Mu Sigma, helped build big data capabilities at American Express and Walmart eCommerce, led UGE (renewable energy startup) into new markets in Asia Pacific, and freelanced as a photographer. He started B10:F15 career in engineering and industrial automation, and has studied at Thunderbird School of Global Management, Peking University and Army Institute of Technology.

Why are you part of Kstart?

I am deeply motivated to be a part of India’s growth story, and  contribute to its transformation. I saw Kstart as an ideal platform to learn the market’s needs and problems, build relationships, gain mentorship and share ideas.

What are your areas of interest?

Agriculture, Food & Beverage, Big Data

What do you do when you’re not at KStart?

Eating or making ice cream. Other times I cook, hike, climb, play squash and write music

Best thing that happened to me:

Working for a startup that struggled and failed a lot everyday, despite having smart people and a great product. It taught me how difficult it can be to create value

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