Vinod Kumar Shankar
Fellow at Kstart
Vinod comes with rich and diverse experience as a serial entrepreneur of 3 startups and angel investor, with a strong understanding of marketing, business development, and technology. He is also a consultant & an advisor for startups on growth and strategy. Prior to this, he founded, a meal-kit platform to provide traditional recipes with authentic ingredients to cook in 30min. He worked with JustBooks as Head of marketing & web channel operations. During his stint at JustBooks, the company grew 12x in 5 years. Before JustBooks, he worked at Emuzed (acquired by KKR,Sequoia now called Aricent) for 4 years in the mobile video/image codecs space. He is passionate about startups who use technology to solve problems at scale, and has made early-stage investments in startups. He is passionate about working at the crossroads of technology and startups. He is an ardent admirer of Sam Altman, YCombinator, and his ideas on startups.

Why Kstart now?

The Kstart Fellowship is a perfect recipe at this stage of my career, based on my past roles and future aspirations. I believe the Kstart Fellowship will help me learn the skills necessary from the best people of Kstart and Kalaari, working with thinkers, innovators and startup founders. This will help lay a strong foundation for my aspirations, and hopefully satiate my hunger to work in the early-stage startup investing space. I see Kstart as my bridge from being an entrepreneur and angel investor, to a venture capital investor.


Startups using technology to solve problems/pains excite me.  Fintech, e-commerce, mobile, and healthcare tech are spaces I have been watching closely, along with social/community/travel platforms.

Whats your love outside work with kstart?

I love reading books during my everyday commute to beat the Bengaluru traffic.  Presently reading ‘The Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind’ by Yuval Harari.

Travel is my stress buster. I love watching waterfalls for hours, Magod falls in uttara Karnataka remains a favorite. I’m a foodie and love spending time with family.

What are some of your favourite books?

‘High Performance Entrepreneur’ by Subroto Bagchi, and books by and on Feynman’s life. Of late Yuval Harari’s books and Charlie Munger essays are part of my regular reading list.

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