Benefit from industry-leading technology partners

We have crafted deep partnerships with select industry-leading, technology companies, widely regarded for their unparalleled expertise and market reach. We believe this early access to the finest technical know-how will fundamentally change the trajectories of our portfolio companies.

Our partners are committed to helping Kstart companies thrive and grow through various initiatives. This includes exclusive access to their channels, markets, platforms, technology frameworks and experts. Our startups will have the opportunity to create networks, avail their services at preferential rates and  benefit from interactions with the most experienced professionals in their fields.


Our partnership with Google Launchpad Accelerator will provide our portfolio companies access to Google’s extensive global network, expert teams and new products. Select startups will benefit from mentoring by Google leaders, access to invite-only beta products and Google credits for cloud infrastructure, ads and product support. Google will open its network of partners, mentors, investors and experts in Silicon Valley and other global locations for the Kstart portfolio. Local connections with business partners, PR support and regional venture capital fund connections are a core component of this partnership. Google will also select a few Kstart portfolio companies for grants of up to $ 50,000.

Our partnership with IBM allows our startups to access expertise and support across multiple fields, including product design, cognitive computing, cloud and mobile. The IBM-Kstart partnership will be three-pronged: Awareness, Cultivate and Engage.  IBM will  work with Kstart portfolio companies to help them with their go-to-market strategies, achieving market alignment and augmenting technology roadmaps. The best of IBM technologies will be brought to startups, wherever relevant and IBM will provide active mentoring and support. Besides this, Kstart portfolio companies will also have access to up to $120k worth of IBM cloud credits and an opportunity to become part of the IBM GEP Smartcamp.

Intel is engaged with independent software companies, startups and developers across the world to help enable and optimize the software solutions on various technologies including Big Data, Modern Code, Game Development, Intel® RealSense and Security. Through the Kstart Program, Intel will be offering following benefits to relevant startups.


  • Access to Intel® IoT Developer kit for prototyping
  • Access to Intel® platforms (commercially available) on a shared basis subject to additional details
  • Access to Intel experts for enabling guidance, training and mentorship
  • Access to Intel® SDK (Software Development Kit) and Tools
  • Access to the Intel India Maker Lab at Intel India.